Interactive News Features

Realize your ideas in new ways, sell your ideas with more impact, train your personnel in the most effective way possible.

Cloud Database

With Interactive news database as a service model, application owners do not have to install and maintain the database themselves.


Powerful Content Editor

Manage all of your app assets; markers, videos and images with ease. Update content any time.


Get a 360 degree view of marketing performance. Make more informed decisions.

Take Your Newspaper to the Next Level.

Interactive News

Make your paper feel like it would fit right in at Hogwarts. Interactive News is an easy to use platform that allows newspapers to connect a wide variety of virtual content

Give Life to your News

See and hear anything you want, from videos, images, music and even 3D models

Augmented Reality

News technology to add AR to your lineup and help attract customers, increase sales, and most importantly engage your readers.

How can it help your business

Interactive News Is Perfect for Any Publication.

With Interactive News you can easily publish augmented reality content over any advertisement or article. Bring your ideas to life, tell your stories with more impact, and help your clients advertising dollars go further. No paper is too small and no story is too big, everyone can have access to AR through Interactive News.

Interactive News Makes Augmenting Really Easy.

Using our proprietary platform, it takes less than two minutes to augment a news article. It requires no additional software or special training to use. A true turn-key solution, just plug and play.

How Can Interactive News Help Your Business?

Custom AR Experiences/Installations.

Choose from a variety of built in templates and functions that will meet your most common needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We will work hand-in-hand with you to build your custom experience. If you can dream of it, we can build it. Your customers can use the free Interactive News app or have us build a custom branded app just for your organization. We’re happy to serve up your AR experiences anyway you like.

Add AR to your publication


  • 50 Triggers
  • Custom White Label App

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